A poem a day… !


Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking a look at this creative project.

Poetry is truly a way of life, and my mission is to bring out a steady stream of quality poems, hopefully a new one everyday or atleast every other day!

Requests are always open for poem topics. This humble writer seeks inspiration, encouragement and critique! I know you don’t know me yet, but we shall learn more about each other as we go along.  So, lets get this poetry ball rolling..


Oh, Summer

Yellow, is the colour of summer, oh tangy sweet goodness-

Lip smacking, face scrunching, eye squinting explosion of taste.

Warm is his love for his children- untainted, purest happiness

We cuddle under the shade of that gentle, generous heart.

He’d watch each one turn from green to bright gold,

Waiting  for his darling little ones to come every year

Grandpa, you live within me, wrapped in every precious memory,

Every season, I miss much more than the mangoes from your tree.



Image shared via google (chalisa.co.in)

Dear readers,

What memories do you have of summers in your childhood? What are your favourite summertime foods? 🙂


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