The last bow

The letter tucked in my purse, I stride out to the sun

Confident steps ahead, trusty umbrella above

My heart doesn’t know the answer to what comes next

I still move on, thoughts swirling in my head.

This letter holds the essence of the last eight months,

The gentle joys of learning, the aching pains of yearning

I am ready to start fresh- mind, heart and soul

Sometimes its just one chance you need, just one, that’s all!


Dear readers,

How do you adapt to change? Do you embrace it or despise it?


2 thoughts on “The last bow

  1. Does this rant about a leering tragedy, comic or serious significance? Are you trying to be too nimble or taxing the reader with simple intellectual somersaults which rarely reassures anyone who is left mystified while figuring out a motive behind the tucked letter? Instead, shouldn’t you stickle and ruminate on how better things could’ve unraveled, had you made best use of one amongst the several opportunities you squandered in those cherished 8 months? Do you really think you deserve ‘one more’ chance?

    Perhaps these quintessential questions don’t have simple answers in the nimble portrait and blatant accuracies of description with which this poetry abounds. The title possibly stems from the disquieted mood; should this hypothetical reality happen, something equally enchanting follows; the very expression of doubts, hope, regret and anxiety. A perfect blemish in the macrocosm from which to strip the drapes and show the reader a snippet of the poet’s dollhouse!


    1. Hi Outlander,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment! I think that, what is a very simple poem from my perspective (ofcourse because I know what it is about) can have many layers which apply to a myriad of situations the reader may face. Definitely worth thinking about. Much appreciated.


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