The wrong concept of “the one”

They say there’s only one love for everyone,

We bend till we break to keep them, when we’re young.

Hurtful words, bitter tears – we endure them,

You think its worth it, and give it all- but get none.

Love isn’t magic, a soul mate or a perfect person,

It is patience, time, effort, respect and attention.

Words mean little, build your faith on actions,

Love is on its way- now stand still and let it come.


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Dear readers,

Do you believe there is only person for everyone? Do you believe in soul mates? 


3 thoughts on “The wrong concept of “the one”

  1. This poem hit home for me. Currently going through the bitter turmoil of what was seemingly ‘the one’ now seeing a four year relationship crumble in an instant. I sometimes like to think that there is a soul mate out there for us, but respect, patience and solid foundations are what are needed to create a beautiful relationship regardless. I could talk about this kind of topic for hours.

    All in all, beautiful poem, truth in every syllable. Loved it..


    1. Glad you could relate, J.T. I wondered if this poem would seem too jaded or cynical. But I felt that it needed to be said. Realism goes a lot farther than idealism. Hope you feel better soon. This too shall pass.
      Thank you!


      1. Thank you! I have written a song on the piano today and posted a link with it just now. Would love for your opinion if you get the time. Thanks again.


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