Waterfall – A double haiku

Two poems today instead of one,

Because somehow I missed out the May 6th one! 😛

I have been reading the works of some wonderful poets on wordpress, and found inspiration to write a haiku. Haiku is a traditional Japanese style of poetry, which when written in English, follows the system of 5-7-5. That is :

First line – 5 syllables

Second line – 7 syllables

 Third line – 5 syllables

It is usually written in praise of nature, seasons, months and animals.  It does not have any rhyming scheme, and it is not necessary that it rhyme at all.  In order to keep with my system of an 8 line poem everyday, I have written two haikus, followed by a two line concluding verse. Without much further ado, here is my little attempt at haiku.


The summer sun blazes

Atop the snow capped mountains

Frozen ice now moves.
p {
margin-bottom: 1em;}

It flows through tunnels

Repeated paths along the earth

Steady flowing stream.

p {
margin-bottom: 1em;}

Quiet,  scenic landscape before

Now, the majestic roar of a waterfall.
p {
margin-bottom: 1em;}


14 thoughts on “Waterfall – A double haiku

    1. It was written with North Sikkim in mind! Beautiful untouched place. You should definitely visit sometime. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for the positive comment! 🙂


  1. Gotta say, I do love poetry that follows certain syllable counts per line and this read beautifully. It portrays the beauty in what we take for granted. Well-written, hope to see more like it! 🙂


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