Fear before glory – A Diamante

Hello readers,
Today I’m going to try to experiment with a style of poetry called Diamante.
It is traditionally made up of 7 lines, and the text forms the shape of a diamond.

It is a fairly recent form of poetry, developed in 1969.
The criteria for a Diamante are as follows:

Line 1: Beginning subject

Line 2: Two verbs about line 1

Line 3: Three adjectives about line 1

Line 4: Two nouns about line 1, two nouns about line 7

Line 5: Three verbs about line 7

Line 6: Two adjectives about line 7

Line 7: End subject

Source : Wikipedia

Fear before Glory


dark, deep

gripping, hiding, consuming

heartbeat, breathless, victory, power

enduring, inspiring, satisfying

emotional, heroic


Fear comes before the relief that glory brings.

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6 thoughts on “Fear before glory – A Diamante

      1. one of my faves. Traditionally only associated with WOMEN writers in a time when institutional misogyny was at an all time high. Also normally only written in HANGEUL (the Korean alphabet). ❤ Enjoy the fun!


      2. M.T. You will see a Shijo poem from me in a few days 🙂 Will be tagging you in the post.. stay tuned 😀 Really enjoyed learning about it. Will add your knowledge in the post too


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