As it unfolds – Acrostic

Hello dear readers, 

Wish you all a very happy weekend! I’ll be doing some travelling over the next few days.. but will definitely be trying my best to stick to 8 lines everyday! 

Now, so far, we have read a haiku,  a triolet, an ottava rima style and a diamante style poem. Today, I want to show you guys a simple poetry form called an acrostic

This is one of those types of poetry that is easier to show you by example, rather than to confuse you by explaining it 🙂

Ill give you guys an additional surprise once you’re done reading the poem !!
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As it unfolds

His heart had made no space for love- that was the honest truth

Until the day he realised, it was time to think things thru.

Surely, this was the girl he’d met, in his fanciful dreams,

Beauty that she emanates- in that light, the rest seem drab.

Approachable and lovable, she was his heaven-sent manna,

Nothing he’d ever felt before was even worth a mention.

Decisions were made for a lifetime, nothing was as planned-

Sometimes we’re just actors and our stories unfold in parts.
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margin-bottom: 0.5em;

That’s right! 🙂 In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line when read vertically, spells out a word

Now I promised you a surprise, right? Did you figure it out yet? 🙂

Check out the last letter of each line as well. This would be a double acrostic! Making even a semi-sensible poem with this structure was definitely not easy, let me tell you.

P.S:  I showed this poem to my husband, and he said that its only natural that I have husbands written on both sides of the poem, because husbands are always protecting their wives (words, here?) How cheesy but adorable !



14 thoughts on “As it unfolds – Acrostic

  1. I’ve never seen an acrostic poem with the word on both ends of the poem. That is very cool and looks like it would add to the difficulty of it! And I love your husband’s comment….very sweet 🙂

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  2. This is perhaps the toughest experiment that you have done so far. Acrostics are tough, a really successful double acrostic that also passes as a good poem is a rarity. You must know about the fish insignia of the early Christians, right?

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      1. Iesous Christos, Theou Yios, Soter — Greek — means Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Saviour — and remember Ch and Th are single letters in Greek alphabet. It gives Ichthys — the fish.

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  3. Excellent double acrostic! I think I’ve only done one double–years ago–and it was SHORT so I manage it. Beautiful message that husbands, good ones, should shelter wives on all sides.

    Just a note–comments with links usually go to my spam, so it’s best not to leave one, as I’d hate to miss your poem. I’m following you, so I’ll likely get around to seeing more of your work. Okay?

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