The opposite of chaos – Epigram

The opposite of chaos

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Stack, collect, arrange and organise-

Label, tag, count and center align,

Safely filed, marked and set aside in alphabetical order-

Till life throws it in your face like an uncontrollable toddler.

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Categorise, finalise- obsess over last minute details,

Back up your back up plan, highlight the important dates.

 Discipline is the foundation; it holds the structure strong,

But it only takes one landslide, to break what’s set in stone.

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Hello dear readers,

What you just read was a poetic epigram. An epigram is basically a couplet or a quatrain which ends in a satirical or surprising statement. It can even be non-poetic at times, expressed just as a single line, for example:

I can resist everything except temptation~ Oscar Wilde 

Here I’ve written two somewhat interconnected quatrains. Hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what you think! 🙂

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