Striped – Tanka + Haiku


p {
margin-bottom: 0.2em;

Striped fierce majesty

Elusive to prying eyes

Forest hides her skin

Mysterious tapestry

Shielded within its strong arms
p {
margin-bottom: 0.2em;

Creeps softly, with ease

Tigress weary for some peace

Rests her head gently
p {
margin-bottom: 0.2em}

Hello dear readers,

What you just read now is a tanka! A tanka is  a form of Japanese poetry. A close first cousin of the haiku, I’d like to think.

The difference between a tanka and a haiku is the number of lines and syllable count. A tanka is made up of 5 lines with a syllable pattern as follows:

1st line– 5 syllables

2nd line– 7 syllables

3rd line– 5 syllables

4th line– 7 syllables

5th line– 7 syllables

haiku, as you guys may already know, has three lines with a 5-7-5 arrangement of syllables. 

In order to keep up with my mission to write 8 lines a day, I have combined the tanka and haiku forms- the first 5 lines form the tanka, and the next 3 lines are the haiku.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

p {
 margin-bottom: 0.2em;

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