Fair-weather friend – Senryu + Couplet

Fair-weather friend

p {
margin-bottom: 0.2em;0.2em

Cute, scruffy, wags tail

Bright-eyed, loyal- man’s best friend

Till its time for home.
p {
margin-bottom: 0.2em;

Scratch ears, feed him scraps,

When he’s hurt and cannot move

He’s just some street dog.
p {
margin-bottom: 0.2em;

In needy times if you won’t care,

Don’t give fake love, be on your way.
p {
margin-bottom: 0.2em;

Dear readers, 

What you just read was  a Senryu style poem!

The Senryu, is a Japanese style of poetry. The rhyming scheme is the same as a haiku (5-7-5).  

Haikus are traditionally written about nature, where as, the Senryu is about human foibles.  The Senryu maybe cynical or darkly humorous.

Let me know what you think of this poem and this form of poetry! 🙂
p {
margin-bottom: 0.2em;



7 thoughts on “Fair-weather friend – Senryu + Couplet

      1. Having issues with the assigned structure (a struggle I’ve always had). in high school they made me write a sonnet. It made ZERO sense. It was perfectly structured, and utterly nonsensical. This is taking so long because I WANT THE CONTENT TO MAKE SENSE.

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