Rag doll – Sonnet

She stared at the ring on her pale finger

Shining diamond wrapped up in gold

Cheeks flushed, her soul felt ice-cold

She closed her eyes, let the feeling linger

Like a rag doll put through the wringer

Willing herself to be courageous, bold

Her hands so shaky, she had to fold

Desparation giving way to white anger

In that instant, she made up her mind

Her feet pacing almost involuntarily

Sweat gathering on her tired brow

Urgency almost turning her blind

She approaches the couple quietly

Red hot tears slowly start to flow

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Dear readers,

Today I’ve decided to venture out of my usual 8-line box. I’ve been wanting to write a sonnet for awhile now. 

Most of you have probably heard of a sonnet. It is an Italian style of poetry which is made up of 14 lines, with the rhyming scheme





The first eight lines outline a problem, the ninth line is a “turn” or “volta“, and the last six lines (sestet) is the resolution to the problem.

Hope you all enjoyed it.. interpretations of the poem are welcome. This is a bit of an abrupt ending, and I know it.. I leave it upto you to figure it out 🙂



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