Stupid cup – Luc Bat

Dear Readers,

Today we’re exploring a style of poetry called “Luc Bat“. It is an intriguing Vietnamese style which is made up of alternating six and eight syllable lines, with an interconnected rhyme scheme that goes like this:







This patterns repeats for the whole poem, and the length of the piece is not restricted. Hope you enjoy my humble attempt at this interesting style!

P.S: Luc Bat literally means six eight 🙂
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margin-bottom: 0.15em;

Stupid Cup

How do I wrap it up?

Pretty bow for this cup I bought,

Just the right type you sought,

To remind what you fought me for.

Now I’m out the door,

You didn’t touch my core at all,

Watched me trip hard and fall.

Framed pictures in the hall don’t say,

This story ends today,

Here’s your stupid cup, may it break.


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