Same moon- Rubaiyat style

Amazing, the power of an old tune

To bring back a person who’s now so far,

Those long lost words you softly croon,

Still locking eyes with the same moon.
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Desperate wishes you made on the brightest star,

Whilst he drank merrily in some shady bar,

It wasn’t all worth it in the end, not even close-

That first love letter should’ve been burnt to a char.
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margin-bottom: 1em;

Dear readers

Dear Readers,

Here we have a Rubaiyat style of poetry. It is made up of four line stanzas with lines 1,2,4 following the same rhyme, and line 3 a different rhyme which is continued in the next verse. If that sounds complicated, just read the above poem once more, paying attention to the rhyme scheme. 

Hope you all enjoyed this new style from Persia.. !


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