Weekend blues – Spensarian Stanza

I wish the weekend would come everyday,

It’s not for the reasons that you may think

Social butterfly- no, its not my way.

Monday, Wednesday..I wish time would shrink,

Pass by quickly, as fast as eyes can blink

Sunday night, my love gets on a red bus

Away from sight and touch, my sad heart sinks

Chin up, smile and try not to make a fuss

Count down till its just two of us


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Dear readers,

This style of poetry is known as the Spensarian Stanza. It is made up of 9 lines, the first 8 lines has 10 syllables and the last line has 8 syllables. In addition, there is a specific rhyme scheme of:

a b a b b c b c c

Definitely a challenge..! Hope you all liked it, and let me know what you think 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekend blues – Spensarian Stanza

      1. Back in my EditRed days we focused on 2 poetry forms a month as a challenge. We had a leader type poet for poems who suggested forms and gave us themes. So useful. Villanelles are nice and pantoums need structuring, just a case of keep searching out forms and playing with strict structure and then bending the rules a little.

        Haiku and Haibun are good, and there are variations on those to keep you going on mpy (micro poetry) – keep looking and learning. G:)

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      2. Fantastic.. you have definitely given me some fresh ideas to work on. I’ve found Villanelles a bit tough to work with, was planning on one in the near future. Will definitely look up the other forms you mentioned as well. Thank you for your inputs.
        I love poetry challenges, if you know any that I could join, please do let me know. Cheers!- TPP

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