How did I slip through the cracks?

Treading the unearthly tracks,

That narrow divide between,

What happened and what has been.

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margin-bottom: 0.1em; }

Salty water fills my mouth

Sun starts setting in the south

Everything is upside down

I can swim, but now I drown.

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margin-bottom: 0.1em;

Dear Readers,

You just read two Tanaga poems! This is a Filipino style of poetry which is made up of 4 lines with a syllable count of 7-7-7-7. The rhyme scheme for the lines maybe AABB, ABAB,  ABBA etc. Here, as you can see, I have used the AABB form. 

Not sure if you noticed, but this poem doesn’t have a title. This is because traditional Tanaga poems do not have titles, rather, they should speak for themselves. So, I thought I’d let this piece remain nameless 🙂 

Hope you all enjoyed it and please do let me know of any new poetry forms or poem ideas that I can explore! 



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