Strangers on a train – Monchielle

Three strangers on a train

Charming, young and gorgeous

With the world at her feet

Texting many boyfriends

They’re marching to her beat

Three strangers on a train

Furrowed eyebrows, crow’s feet

Tired and weary mother

After a long work day

Planning tonight’s dinner

Three strangers on a train

Longing for his lover

He shuts down his conscience

Throws caution to the wind

Pleasure numbs common sense

Three strangers on a train

Going to the same place

Each with their own story

Lost in separate thoughts

All caught in life’s flurry

Dear Readers,

This modern style of poetry you just read is called a Monchielle (doesn’t it sound elegant?). This form was created by Jim T Henriksen and has the following rules:

  1. Made up of 4 five-line stanzas
  2. The first line is a refrain (repeated line)
  3. Each line has 6 syllables
  4. The 3rd and 5th line in each verse must rhyme

Thank you for reading, and hope you all enjoyed this interesting and musical form 🙂 



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