Guilt remains – Vers Beaucoup style

I’ve travelled  far to reach the Star Light bar

Ordering a tall jar of beer, I sit at the table here

Strain to hear the song, but something’s wrong

All along, the jukebox has been a quiet machine

I relive that night, believing it could revive me

Please relieve the pain from coming back again

There’s a strain on my being, want to stop fleeing

Embrace the feeling and go that mile to reconcile

My mistake, I let her take the wheel, didn’t know what’s at stake

The brake failed, the car derailed

She sailed those moments between life and the unseen

Fate convened and she stayed, but my guilt can’t be swayed.

Dear Readers,

The poem you just read is written in Vers Beaucoup style, which means “many rhymes”. This style was created by Curt Mongold

The rules are as follows:

  1. Consists of 4-line verses
  2. The rhyme scheme within the verse is as follows:





( I have highlighted the rhymes in the poem for better clarity)

Hope you all found it interesting and kudos to the poet for inventing this form 🙂



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