Downpour – Ghazal

Armed with a black umbrella, braving the pouring rain;

Two dozen strangers, stuck in this frightening rain

Baffled, we brace, as clouds seem to burst in waves

Shivering bones in the chill of the thundering rain

Red buses we await, none seem to come our way

How will we get home in this undying rain?

My two paise worth,Β this is nature at its best

But then you’ll say: silly poet, you’re romanticizing rain!

Dear Readers,

It feels like I’ve been away a long long time! It’s been around a week since I posted. I was away on vacation last weekend till Tuesday and then fell off the blog wagon. I’ve really missed writing and missed you guys as well. Happy to be back at it!

The poem you read above is a traditional poetry form called the Ghazal. In India, we are used to hearing ghazals being sung mainly in Urdu or Hindi. I never thought of writing one of these in English.Β 

A ghazal has the following rules to be followed:

  1. Made of couplets
  2. Has a refrain of one/two or three words that repeat
  3. There is an “inline” rhyme preceding the refrain
  4. The rhyme scheme is AA (refrain), bA, cA, dA, eA etc
  5. And.. my favourite rule : The last couplet must refer to the author’s pen name!

P.S: Paise is plural for paisa, which is the lowest form of currency we have here in India (and a few other Asian countries). It is similar to cents/pence. The origin of the name for this blog is a sort of Indianised version of Two Pence worth.. my two paise worth of thoughts in the form of poetry :)


10 thoughts on “Downpour – Ghazal

  1. Two things: I love “undying rain”–that is so gorgeous! Also, I was going to brag that I’d learned the meaning of “paise” while you were away–but now you’ve explained it here, so it seems a superfluous afterthought. Not sure I can do a ghazal–I’ll ponder it…. So glad you’re back!! And I’m so thirsty for rain, I’m happy to see it romanticized–will do it myself, too!!

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    1. Valida! I’m sure you would’ve known what a paisa was πŸ™‚ But yes, I do get a few questions about the two paise thing.. I’ll put the explanation on my home page at some point. I’m glad I’m back too, Val.! πŸ˜€ I love rains.. but boy, has it been creating a ruckus here πŸ˜›
      Looking forward to hearing more from you and reading more of your poetry ❀


      1. Honestly, perhaps better as a shayari coz I can’t put a tune to it in ghazal form, so Jagjit singh or Mehndi Hasan songs come to mind and obviously yours has a different metre,?so I couldn’t retrofit it!!! Convoluted explanation….hope u understand! πŸ˜€

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