Queen of invisibility – Canzone

Dark skin, crooked teeth, wild hair and old fashioned clothes;

A black pearl in an ocean that shines blue for miles.

Bound by a hundred rules her peers ridiculed,

There was no room for an odd-ball in high school.

Queen of the land of invisibility,

This was one superpower she wished she didn’t have

Confidence fell, she doubted her abilities

Stuck in a rut she struggled to rise above.

She stayed herself whilst the world changed around her,

Courage and perseverance reigned supreme here.

The past, nothing but a flicker of a memory

A stepping stone to better things that lay ahead.

Karma came a full circle and fate set things right

A pretty face opens doors, but brains keep you inside

People still talk, but she’s learned the tough way

Make your mind a sieve: keep some, the rest throw away

Dear Readers,

Here we have a Canzone, which is an Italian style of poetry. It is from the era of Sonnets, but was preferred by some poets due to its flexibility.

Rules for a Canzone:

  1. Each verse has the same number of lines ranging from 7-20 lines
  2. Syllable count per line can vary from 10-12
  3. No fixed rhyme scheme but most poets preferred couplets to give the poem a musical feel
  4. The poet Dante preferred the following “recipe” for a Canzone:

*First couplet : Define the subject

*Second couplet: Introduce the conflict, question or theme

*Third quatrain: Conveys the mood, sentiment or stance

*Fourth set of lines : Embed the purpose of the poem in the reader’s mind

*Closing couplet

I got inspiration for this form from Bastet at Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie.

Reference: http://www.webexhibits.org


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