Naiad (Water Nymph)

The moody lake, a pastel sapphire glass

Infectious ripples scurry across the canvas

Her white-blond hair an ethereal waterfall

Floating in a mystic whirlpool as she lay

Dirty bare feet buried among green copses

Lips suckling a frost-kissed October cranberry

Delicately enchanting, menacing fairy.

Bony fingers stroke my ears in a figure of eight

Piercing green eyes trap me in this nebulous state

Opening wide the doors of my atavistic lust

I’ve lost my breath, as I try to exhale:

Longing to taste the ichor in her veins.

Dear Readers,

This has been a response to Wordle #80 by Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie

The rules were as follows:

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

1. Infection

2. Pastel

3. Cranberry

4. Bony

5. Atavistic (of, relating to, or characterized by atavism; reverting to or suggesting the characteristics of a remote ancestor or primitive type.)

6. Figure

7. Exhale

8. Copse (a thicket of small trees or bushes; a small wood.)

9. Nebulous (hazy, vague, indistinct)

10. Menace

11. Door

12. Ichor (the fluid which flows like blood in the veins of the gods)

Happy Birthday Poetess – Free verse

A year flits past like a summer grasshopper

Changing colour by the hour, till the golden sun sets

You live to learn, yearn to share this life through words

Food for thought turns a lavish spread for us

Poetess, you are changing this world, one rhyme at a time

Don’t let the negativity of what’s passed by, ever let you down

Don Quixote, Sir Lancelot – kindly wait in line

To wish this beautiful lady a Happy Birthday

Many more Septembers to come, I pray

And an overdose of magic, joy, love and light.

This poem is a dedication for my lovely poet friend, Valida, who is celebrating her birthday today.. 

Happy Birthday dear friend! 

Violet February – Free verse

I silenced an unholy gasp that threatened to escape

A queer blank smile froze on my face

Fighting to hide this vicious ache

The lump in my throat I can’t seem to swallow

Into the depths of self-pity, falling fast and low

This quiet reminder of what wasn’t meant to be

It was below the belt and I handled it, but not with ease

Dear Violet, I meant every word that I said

In four months, your life is going to change

Wishing you all the best that I never had:

Your doctor, for whom February wouldn’t wait.

A common destiny – Trimeric form

Dipping their feet cautiously

In the ice cold waters of the Arabian Sea

Gripping each other’s hands tightly

Silly giggles covering up uneasy feelings

Dipping their feet cautiously

Unsure and scared

They still jump, blind-folded free fall

In the ice cold waters of the Arabian Sea

A spontaneous honeymoon

Choppy waves reflecting their curiosity

Gripping each other’s hands tightly

A little more out of fear now

Hoping it would turn into love soon

Silly giggles covering up uneasy feelings

Embracing their vulnerability

Two lives meeting at a common destiny

Dear readers, 

This style of poetry is the trimeric form. I learned of this style from Darklight Harbor. Please do visit their wonderful poetry blog. Here is a detailed explanation from the blogger herself 🙂

Basically, the trimeric style is made up of four verses. The first verse has 4 lines and the next three have 3 lines each. The first verse is crucial to the poem, because the rest of the poem is made by elaborating each of the lines of the first verse in succession. 

That is:





Thank you for reading and for all the words of encouragement that came after I restarted the blog. I really appreciate it and it inspires me to write more.

Till next time! 🙂

Beneath layers of pain – Roundelay

Spew out the thoughts that chain

This pressure you just can’t sustain

Feel the beauty of being free

Unload your burdens completely

Joy lies beneath layers of pain

Let your heart shout with no restrain

Float in peace, merrily

Unload your burdens completely

Dear Readers,

It’s been so long! I’ve been suffering from a severe bout of writer’s block and laziness 🙂 Missed writing for you all.. slowly hoping to ease back into it. I miss the blog.

This style of poetry is a Roundelay. It consists of any number of quatrains. Each quatrain is made up of two couplets, the second line of the second couplet is a refrain (repeated line). This is a very old style of English poetry.

Till next time 🙂

Build me up buttercup- Free verse

Lemon drop dipped in sunshine of the purest gold

Bursting with the warmest light and ethereal glow

The spark of a thousand eerie filament bulbs

A million fireflies alight upon daffodil fields

Like New Years Eve, Easter Sunday and Merry Christmas

Most mysteriously coincided, altogether, the same day

Amazing how the smallest sign of hope

Tugs so hard at your foolish susceptible soul

A whole lot of red

I slink through hazel hills draped in dew fall

Groping the wet earth to gain solid grip

A drop of rain, a multi coloured prism block:

Path of light for that luminary they call moon

The musty smell of flesh penetrates my nostrils

Its potency tripping me with vengeance’s thrill

That tatterdemalion sleeps just a few breaths away

I sidle, scraping my stomach along the glass blades

He awakens softly at first, then with hasty alarm

No doubt, sensing my intense eyes peer through the dark

I estimate how fast I can break his presumptuous skull

Someone shouts “leopard” and the rest of the herd run

The pack leader, he stands his ground; moronic human.

His lips turn into a scowl to chant some soulless apothegm

I search his face for remorse, but there’s not even a smidgen

The hatred’s mutual, he won’t get away with killing my cub

When nature speaks through actions, there’s not much left unsaid,

In a flash of gold and black, all that’s left is a whole lot of red.

black, all that’s left is a whole lot of red

Dear Readers,

This has been a response to Wordle #77 by Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie.

Rules were as follows:

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

1. Grope

2. Hazel

3. Skull

4. Mutual

5. Luminary (A celestial body, as the sun or moon. A person who has attained eminence in his or her field or is an inspiration to others.)

6. Leopard

7. Potency

8. Tatterdemalion (A person in tattered clothing; a shabby person.)

9. Sidle (to move sideways or obliquely.)

10. Prism

11. Apothegm (a short, pithy, instructive saying; a terse remark or aphorism.)

12. Drape

O, September – Double Acrostic

Slowly opening up the curtains of your days

Every moment an unexpected tale

Perfect rainy days that make you want to sleep

Thunder and lightning, then sunshine comes next

Ever unsure what it wants, going through a phase

Mysteriously complicated, like an early morning dream.

Busy streets pace by, unfazed, spinning out of their orb

Exactly where they are headed, no one seems to care

Rise and repeat it all, regardless of obstacles that appear.

Dear Readers,

Hope you enjoyed this little Acrostic to ring in this month! In case you are still confused, read the first letter of the first word of every line of this poem downwards. And since this is a double Acrostic, read the last letter of the last word of each line downwards as well. 

I’ve written another double acrostic a few months ago. You can read it here

So many hopes and expectations for each new month.. I pray that all your dreams come true and you get what your hearts desire.

Keep writing, keep reading.. until next time 🙂