A common destiny – Trimeric form

Dipping their feet cautiously

In the ice cold waters of the Arabian Sea

Gripping each other’s hands tightly

Silly giggles covering up uneasy feelings

Dipping their feet cautiously

Unsure and scared

They still jump, blind-folded free fall

In the ice cold waters of the Arabian Sea

A spontaneous honeymoon

Choppy waves reflecting their curiosity

Gripping each other’s hands tightly

A little more out of fear now

Hoping it would turn into love soon

Silly giggles covering up uneasy feelings

Embracing their vulnerability

Two lives meeting at a common destiny

Dear readers, 

This style of poetry is the trimeric form. I learned of this style from Darklight Harbor. Please do visit their wonderful poetry blog. Here is a detailed explanation from the blogger herself 🙂


Basically, the trimeric style is made up of four verses. The first verse has 4 lines and the next three have 3 lines each. The first verse is crucial to the poem, because the rest of the poem is made by elaborating each of the lines of the first verse in succession. 

That is:





Thank you for reading and for all the words of encouragement that came after I restarted the blog. I really appreciate it and it inspires me to write more.

Till next time! 🙂


7 thoughts on “A common destiny – Trimeric form

      1. My pleasure … I’ve decided to try and get back to some of those people I “liked” over the years but have problems getting all the sites … love what you did here and will try to keep in touch more!

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