Violet February – Free verse

I silenced an unholy gasp that threatened to escape

A queer blank smile froze on my face

Fighting to hide this vicious ache

The lump in my throat I can’t seem to swallow

Into the depths of self-pity, falling fast and low

This quiet reminder of what wasn’t meant to be

It was below the belt and I handled it, but not with ease

Dear Violet, I meant every word that I said

In four months, your life is going to change

Wishing you all the best that I never had:

Your doctor, for whom February wouldn’t wait.


7 thoughts on “Violet February – Free verse

    1. I’m all ok, Val 😀 Poetry is not always non-fiction. It was just an idea.. or maybe was a little personal.. never know 😉 Wow fantastic! I really hope you share pics of all the glorious food and festivities so I can feel that I’m there in spirit! It is 9:13 am here 26/9 right now.. so I wish you, dear Poetess, a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead that sees you happy, fulfilled and showered with God’s choicest blessings. Love, kisses and hugs coming to you all the way from India ❤ ❤ ❤ Have a wonderful day!


      1. Hi Darling Friend from India!!! I’m relieved that you’re alright, because the party wouldn’t be the same without you! I don’t have pictures of the actual “anything”–I’m not a photographer–but I found some pics that work for “ambiance”! Your words–YOU–are a wonderful gift; thank you, thank you, thank you so very much!! xxoo, J-val

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