Sophie’s Choice

Thousands march in single file

Amidst barked commands to obey

The sadistic uniformed fiend’s gaze

Falls on her nervous paper-white face

A little daughter, fearful in her arms

Scared son tucked in her coat’s warmth

She defends herself in God’s name

But the devil twists her words for gain

Small innocent babe they wrench away

Lips open to scream, but her voice is gone

The cries are her child’s and not her own

Sophie has no choice at all.

Dear Readers,

This is my 2nd entry for the OctPoWriMo October Poetry Writing challenge. The prompt today was to write a descriptive poem about a movie scene that has touched you.

This scene I have linked above from the movie “Sophie’s Choice” is one that will forever haunt me, and many people who have watched it. I have written a short poem based on this scene and hope I can do it a bit of justice.

Till tomorrow,



10 thoughts on “Sophie’s Choice

  1. I have to tell you that I’ve never watched “Sophie’s Choice”, as it would be too devastating; I gather that Meryl Streep gave a powerfully moving performance. I love your poem–as always; especially fond of “paper-white face”–WOW!

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