Call it Magic

Church bells chime their heavenly chorus

We rush for service, huddled in woolen shawls

Feathery mistle tickling our pink noses

Velvet green grass moist under our soles

The teal blue sea preens, decadently revered

Against red sandstone mountains of this emerald isle

Ireland, resplendent, in Christmas colours all year

Brews a special kind of magic in December’s haze.

Gold ribboned candles lit at each window sill

Wreaths of holly adorn quaint wooden doors

Yuletide eve’s merriment wrapped up in cozy warmth

Mince pies, fruit cakes we eat beyond our fill

Tall pine trees, in their spangled splendour

Greet us in every corner with their shining stars

Enchanted, we slip into this mystic nostalgia

A remembrance to hold in our cynical hearts.

Dear Readers,

This is a response to the 4th prompt in the OctPoWriMo Writing Challenge 2015.

The prompt for today’s poem was “Magic“. I’ve never been to Ireland and I know it’s still October. I’m really not sure how the idea for this poem developed, I think maybe it was a bit of magic :p But yes, I did do a little bit of research about Ireland and Christmas celebrations there before writing. Please beg my pardon if something is wrong factually.

Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think!

Till tomorrow,



24 thoughts on “Call it Magic

    1. Scotland must be beautiful ! I’m very keen to travel to that side of the world.. maybe someday when finances are in order šŸ™‚ Thank you for the appreciation and I’m surprised and happy that it struck a chord with you. Thanks again Steph.

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  1. Al’s word fits best–this is “sumptuous”! I LOVE all the colors! And church bells–I often think of my smallest wind chimes that way, soothing and reverent. Or if it’s windy, notes to make me pay attention!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay! I took a fast look at the cookbook, and saw that you were there–so glad you’re pleased, and thank you again! If you have more recipes, I’m open–anytime. God bless you!

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