Soft tender willow

Yet rooted like a great oak

I wish I could be

Darkest hidden cove

Vast green meadow bathed in light

Both worlds call to me

There’s no black and white

My moods swim in bright colours

No fixed paradigms.

Dear Readers,

This is the 6th day of the OctPoWrimo Poetry Writing Challenge 2015The prompt today was to write about what we wish was different in our lives.

Also suggested was to write the poem with a fixed syllable count. 

I have chosen to use the traditional haiku syllable count of 5-7-5 in all the 3 verses above.

Have you ever felt like you can’t predict your own moods?

Till tomorrow,



18 thoughts on “Paradigm

  1. I love your poetry! And in answer to the question you pose–predicting moods–“where the mind goes, so the mood” is a Biblical paraphrase. If I don’t keep my mind on Him, I can easily predict my mood will begin to flounder. God bless you today.

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