Eyebrows raise, mouth agape

“You met him online?”

Nodding nervously, I pick at my nails

My shifty glance doesn’t go unnoticed

“You don’t even know who he is!”

I have no answers,  just some strong feelings

First incredulity, then the sympathy card

The news sharing stops abruptly

I hmm along to all the preaching.

Turned out he’d been engaged all along

(Some girl from his town that his folks liked)

Elaborate fake stories from months before

Unravelled before our very eyes

Small signs we overlooked

The secrecy, that tough phone lock

When the money ran out

The cracks began to show

Once charming show man

Who would “do anything for his love”

Became a moody recluse:

He simply had no time

I sat beside her, soothing, as she cried

“How could I have been so wrong?”

Work colleagues had fixed them up

Claiming they were perfect, just right

She’d never considered her man was a cheat

Though she was “sure” many times that mine could be

A chasm of difference lay between these two men

Clear as a line drawn through the wet sand

One was a sociopath who lied through his teeth

Took her for granted, used her to get his way

Impressed her by throwing around big brand names

Tall talk of whisking her off to foreign locales

The other was put through the ringer of doubt

Fought tooth and nail through hesitation and pain

Made small promises, but kept every single word

The man that I married was the same sweet boy who pinged

Years ago on a cheesy website, we serendipitously connected

….Never let each other go ever since.

Dear Readers,

This the 7th day of the OctWriPoMo Poetry Writing Challenge 2015. The prompt today was as follows:

“Instead of writing about something that is different, a time when you wish you were brave, let’s talk about something you wouldn’t change. You did it and you’re happy that you did. It could be a success or a failure. Perhaps a choice that others may perceive as a failure, but you know it was the best choice for you. Perhaps you took the road less traveled and it was a success for you.”

Did you follow the road less travelled for love?

Till tomorrow,



10 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Oh my, this is full! I would never ever get involved with someone online–I watch too many true-crime programs and am not trusting at all anymore; however, an acquaintance told me that both her sons met wonderful wives via the Internet…so I guess it just depends 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Actually, I met my current boyfriend online. We’ve been together for 4 years. He’s a shy guy. I was tired of meeting guys at bars. He was the opposite of my usual “type” and exactly what I needed. Loved this!


    1. Hi Tamara! Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment. Glad to hear you had a similar experience 😀 Not many people out there really understand online relationships. What’s most important is that you’re happy !

      Liked by 1 person

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