White – Acrostic x 2

Weak, yet relieved in some ways

Hospital sheets in a cold room I lay

Introspecting, asking for answers

Truth be told, there were none that day

Except I’d lost something that couldn’t be replaced

Waiting for the call of pain

Hoping for some closure

Imagining different scenarios

Time and again, I felt I failed

Everything had forever changed.

Dear Readers,

Today’s poem is a slightly delayed response to the 8th day of OctPoWrimo Poetry Writing Challenge 2015 (atleast as per the time zone here). But I’ll tempt a cliche and say “better late than never”

The prompt was to:

“Write a poem talking about a color and your memories attached to it. Bring us along for the memory’s journey”

What do colours mean to you? I remember an argument that white was not a colour, but a lack there of.. well, I don’t know about that.. but the idea intrigues me. Is black the same? What do you think?


16 thoughts on “White – Acrostic x 2

  1. This sounds sad, 2P–well written but sad. I’ve heard that about white and black too, absence of color–but most people still refer to them as colors. I can’t imagine saying, “yes, I’m going to wear my dark-absent colored dress tomorrow” 🙂

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