Elemental – #100

Dear Readers,

I want to share something special today with all of you. This will be my 100th post on this blog 🙂

I started this blog, a few months ago in May, and I am so happy and honoured to have you all as readers. Your comments and likes keep me going and inspire me endlessly. A nice comment on a bad day works magic to get things moving, trust me! Thank you everyone for all the kind words and criticisms, I am humbled by you all everyday.

This will be the 9th poem in the OctPoWriMo Poetry Challenge 2015. The prompt is to write in relation to the elements of nature: earth, wind, fire, water.

Monsoon rendezvous under faded starlight

Sweat and hunger mingle into a fragrant dew

The weathered earth dips their bare toes

Sticky deep into smooth chocolate lava.

Her body a mystery, he follows where he’s led

Wildflowers and creepers, their velveteen bed

Ferocious winds tackle them to their knees

Yet they barely notice the elements at play in between

Parched lips meet wet skin with intoxicating urgency,

No rain can extinguish the raging inferno of ecstasy.


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