One with the beat

Thumping in my head makes me one with the beat

I can feel the energy seeping through my skin

Hair wild, arms high

Pump the sky, side to side

Weightless on my feet, defying gravity

Moonwalk, sky rocket, boogy woogy all night

Hokey pokey, chicken dance, Macarena- do it right!

Clap my hands, whistle loud

Grab a friend, spin around

Let loose, lose control

Trance music, rock and roll

Cheeks flushed, drenched in sweat

Haven’t had enough yet!

Dear Readers,

This is the 10th poem response to the OctPoWriMo Poetry Writing Challenge 2015.

The prompt today was to listen to a favourite piece of music, dance around and write wild! I’ve described how I feel when I dance. Me & hubby can be real party animals once in a way. When there’s good music and good company we dance like crazy people :p

P.S: I rapped this poem to my husband just now and he looked at me like I’ve lost my mind a little bit.. maybe its a good sign 😛

Till tomorrow,



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