April Butterflies – Alphabet Acrostic

April heat swells up majestically

Butterflies rest on freshly watered plants-

Cooling off is their primary agenda.

Dandelions bob their heads importantly

Enchanted school children pluck them whole

Five minutes late won’t matter, don’t you think?

Glorious mornings before the day truly begins

Hurrying crowds fill up the maddening streets

In and out they dodge each other

Jumping over potholes and loose slabs

Kittens and pups await their mothers to bring breakfast

Learning to stomach whatever they can get.

Meanwhile, the vendors prep for the market sales

Never sure if today they will break even or fail

Open skies blocked out by concrete monuments

Perfects symbols of all the apparent progress

Queer how fast they come into existence

Rabid bosses have forced the labourers’ hands

So many lives, milling past, thoroughly disconnected

Tumbling in solo whirlpools of worry and discontent

Unaware of the larger perspective, outside their little box

Vacant eyes with a programmed automated response

Wearily, I recognise that I’m a robot as well

X-rated expletives explode from my indignant lips

Yet I can’t find a way to stop being like this

Zealously, I set forth, its time for a change.

Dear Readers,

This is the 12th day of the OctPoWriMo Poetry Writing Challenge 2015.Β 

Other than those of you lovely people who came here from the OctPoWriMo blog, can any of you guess what today’s prompt was? Want a hint? Read this poem like an acrostic (the first letter of each line to be read downwards vertically).

Yep, today’s prompt was to:

“WriteΒ a poem that is 26 lines. Each line begins with a different letter of the alphabet. A, B, C”

This was a challenging and interesting concept, I’ve never tried before.. so I went for it. Hope it’s not too bad !

Thanks for reading

Till tomorrow,



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