Prison Play – Cascade Poem

You be the guard

He’ll be the prisoner

Lets play pretend

A simple little experiment

Khaki uniform, dark glasses

Don’t let them revolt

You be the guard

White smock, chain around his leg

Following orders with perfect obedience

He’ll be the prisoner

Try to fight back

We’ll put you in line

Lets play pretend

Things can get out of hand

Even role playing a scenario

Just a little experiment

Dear Readers,

I’m a little late for the 17th prompt of the OctPoWriMo Poetry Writing Challenge 2015! The prompt was to write a cascade poem. I have not used the word prompts.

You may be wondering what I’ve written this poem about. Ever heard of the Stanford Prison Experiment? I came across it the other day and found it interesting. There’s a movie based on it too.

Till next time,



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