Two sides, same coin

My work hours are spent solving problems

Relieving pain, writing prescriptions

Giving advice, gentle instructions

Root canals, crowns, fillings, impressions

At the end of nine hours, when I finally sit down

I lock away that part of my existence

Floating free in a world of words and rhymes

So far away from dressings and injections

My imagination transports me to distant places

I have never had the chance to see or experience

Forever seduced by the unassuming charms of poetry,

I surrender myself completely.

Dear Readers,

This is the 18th prompt of the OctPoWriMo Poetry Writing Challenge 2015.

This was the prompt for today:Ā “Chose something or someone and give them a double life”

What better example than a dentist-poet also known as TwoPaisePoems :p

Till tomorrow,



27 thoughts on “Two sides, same coin

  1. Being a dentist is such a thankless job. Especially when you get a weenie like me in the chair shrieking “get me the nitrous oxide NOW!!!!” I’d certainly need a flight of fancy after that!

    poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

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    1. You are very right. People who know me professionally or sometimes, even, personally have no idea that I write. Truth is, I’m reluctant to open up my blog for inspection and judgment from those who know me. I feel like I need to be able to write freely, without worrying about what others I know may think of my work.


  2. You know what a fan I am, I love EVERYthing you write! Isn’t it sad that we feel the need to hide our work from others we fear will judge critically–I understand your feelings too well, thus I am so grateful for the connections I make with strangers. They affirm my talent, and also that I’m a goodhearted, genuine person–thank You, Lord for the blessing of strangers afar. And God bless you, dear sister šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am also grateful for the love, support and encouragement from the blogging community. We are all kindred souls seeking affirmation and sharing our common love for the written word. God bless you, Val :* Thank you over and over again šŸ™‚


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