Tree – Audio version

Dear Readers,

Today is a different kind of post. I decided I’m game for the OctPoWriMo prompt for today. The challenge was an audio or video performance of one our original poems.

For this challenge, I used an old free verse poem I have written, called Tree.

The lines/lyrics are as follows (modified slightly from the original poem):

I lean on you like a sturdy tree

Spreading your branches, envelop me

Tears wiped away with tender leaves

The more I struggle, the tighter you hold me

I fall asleep like a child under your shade

You never let sunlight scorch my face

Harsh realities chased so far away

You whisper over and over that it will be okay

This is the first time I’m posting an audio link, please let me know if you can’t hear it or if you face any other problems with the link.

Also, let me know what you think! :p

Till tomorrow,



14 thoughts on “Tree – Audio version

  1. I couldn’t wait to hear your poem sung. I loved hearing your voice, I loved the poem, I loved the melody, and I loved to see the bars of the sound on the picture.

    Very fun twist for today! Always a joy. Thank you!


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