Dear Grandfather

Two long years, you saw yourself

Change from a healthy septuagenarian

To someone who needs full time assistance

Well groomed, crisp whites and confidence

To unshaved, food spills and depression

You’d walk for miles everyday

Get up at 5:30, morning after morning

Preparing food at home, cleaning

Supervising caretakers, maintaining accounts

You used to take care of your ailing wife

Everyone thought you’d outlive her

But now she’s been left behind

Only your memories to remind

The stroke took away your dignity

Bed-ridden, then a wheelchair

You longed for the company of people

We tried to be there, but failed many times

I know death terrified you

You wouldn’t sleep at night out of fear

Grappling as life started to slip away on its own

Each time you’d fight back

But every battle made you weaker

Breathing got difficult

Sad smiles became blank stares

Then one night you slowly passed

No fuss, no alarm, no sound

Just the silence and peace of a man

Who was done living his life.

Dear Readers,

Today is the 29th day of the OctPoWriMo Poetry Writing challenge. The prompt today was to write about the end of something that was in some way inevitable and necessary.

I have written this about my grandfather. Of course I never wanted him to pass away, but towards the end, he was suffering so much that we all knew it was better for him to go. Those who have experienced the loss of someone after a long illness maybe able to relate.

Thank you for reading.

Till tomorrow,



13 thoughts on “Dear Grandfather

      1. I know what you mean, sweetie. Lingering illness is a horrible way to end one’s days. I’m not convinced “modern medicine” with its “gift” of prolonging life is always such a blessing. Buying time that is not “quality time”, isn’t really worth it, I don’t think. But if it can offer quality time, then that’s something to consider.

        I meant to ask you how you did the audio portion of your poem–is there a special program, and is it costly?

        Also–I was with a friend, shopping at a Mediterranean Market today, and purchased a bottle of Jasmine “hair” oil. I was hoping it would be very fragrant and that I could perhaps use it after showering. The salesman made a point of telling me it was “hair” oil, not to be used for cooking! So I got home and put some on my hands–at first it smelled nice, but after about 40 minutes it smelled like furniture polish!!


      2. Hi Val! I know what you mean about extending life but not necessarily its quality.I think we’ve still got a lot of work left to do to achieve that.
        The audio portion of the poem, is very very easy to do.
        1.Make an account on
        2.Record your audio using your mic on your laptop or even using the recorder on your phone (then transfer that file to your laptop.
        3. Upload audio file onto soundcloud
        4. There’s an “add url” option on wordpress which lets you add your soundcloud link.

        Jasmine scented hair oil is quite common here. We use it for our hair, then take a bath with shampoo. I honestly don’t personally like oiling my hair very much, but lots of people here swear by it! 🙂 Worth a try.


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