Wavy black hair, kohl-lined eyes like chocolate wells

A crown of pink frangipani adorns her sweet head

“Sayang,” he utters, his wet tongue thrilling her ear

Maganda: she’s one with her body and spirit here

The salty sea crashes to shore as though figimaled

Teekva hues of sunset lights up the fading horizon

Lone crabs skuddle across, disappearing into dark hollows

Leaving traces of their existence, mere scribbles in the sand

Folded together, cagestruck lovers, reminisce their aarambham

Memories they can’t agree upon, maybe they don’t matter now

She asks if he loves her, his lips, her sole appraisal:

The start doesn’t count like the avasaanam: inevitable.

Giggling at being seen canoodling, by that shiprighteous cruiseliner

He answers nature’s call in nature, giving rise to peals of laughter

Darling ardle, she teases, tickling that spot on his shoulder.

Darkness sets, and the mood shifts, to the other end of the dial

Looking at each other, under the moon, in an eerie, haunted silence

You see, every couple gets a few hours together, in their own personal heaven

Before they transcend this transient realm into the phase of punarjanmam

“Find me, please,” she quietly whispers

“Will you remember me,” he asks

Before they know it, dawn breaks through

This moment too, has passed.

Dear Readers,

This my attempt at a bonus Wordle by Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie.

The genius of this prompt is that, it has been constructed using words that were contributed (either made up or from a vernacular language) by other writers/poets. It is a wonderful set of words and I’m extremely proud to see my own contributions here (3 words in Malayalam).

I am a few weeks late to this prompt, so I had the wonderful opportunity to read the other responses and could literally feel my heart swell with pride every time I saw my words being used.

Here are the words for the prompt:

  1. Cagestruck (via Yves) to be clueless of the customs, dialect/language/slang, and haunts of an unfamiliar city.
  2. Ardle (via Michael) a person who urinates whenever and wherever the mood strikes them.
  3. Shiprighteous (via KO) A smugly moralistic ship.
  4. Figimaled (via Jules) Primarily Farklempt; distressed, confused, annoyed, dismayed.
  5. Aarambham (via Two Paise Poems) Malayalam for the beginning.
  6. Avasaanam (via Two Paise Poems) Malayalam for the end.
  7. Punarjanmam (via Two Paise Poems) Malayalam for rebirth or reincarnation.
  8. Teekva (via a darkened house) Russian for a pumpkin.
  9. Skuddling (via a darkened house) side-ways, skitterish motion
  10. Maganda (via Ladyleemanila) Filipino word for beauty, refers to the beauty of both form and spirit.
  11. Sayang (via Hank) Malay/Indonesian word referring to a loved one. Also used to express one’s affectionate feelings to a lady – whispered softly while nibbling the ear lobe.
  12. Appraisal (via Ranted Crow); The act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone.

Use atleast 10 of the words to create a story or a poem.

Hope you all enjoyed it.. and a very special and sincere thanks to Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie.


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