Precious – Haiku x 3

Delicate fingers

Eyes closed firmly from the light

Your sweet humble cry


Every single day

We have struggled together

More than words can say


In the darkest night

Your arms reach out to find me

Precious son, you’re mine.



baby feet



Dear Readers (I’m humbled that there are a few of you!),

Here’s a simple set of three haikus. Just to refresh our (read:my) memory,  a haiku is a Japanese poem written in three lines with the following syllable count:

First line : 5 syllables

Second line: 7 syllables

Third line: 5 syllables

Haikus do not traditionally rhyme, but as you can see, this one does rhyme a little bit here and there.

Here are some of my other haikus:


Double haiku,

Striped &

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


Thank you for reading.

Until next time.





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