All grown up


Tiny baby, just my arm’s length

Soft as velvet,  with those bright dark eyes

How fast you grew up before I knew it

Every phase I thought would never pass

It’s all gone by; I’ve lost track of two years

Now here you are, with words of your own

You see the world and make up your mind

I want you to be good, kind and brave

Live for yourself, without treading on others

Carry that sweet smile on your lips

A sentimental heart on your sleeve

And never ever be afraid to dream

Learn from your mistakes and not from others

Take decisions that break conventions

Stand out from the rest, but get along all the same

Truth is, baby, whatever you become

None of it is in my hands, and perhaps not in yours

But one thing I promise is that I’ll always be there

That home you run to when life gets tough

My door is open every single time

I won’t ask you questions, we don’t have to talk

And I’ll remember when you were a baby

Just my arm’s length.





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