Summer shades

Dip your toes in chilly waters

Watch them wrinkle, stark snow white

Relentless sun chars our tired brown faces

In the peak of summer, there’s no respite.

Sweat drips from every brow in the kitchen

A mighty effort for a meal so light

Icecream, the solace for us poor children

Add some mango for pure delight!

Our precious plants at the window wither

When will rains anoint their shriveled leaves?

Oh lets not think of monsoons in April,

Let the seasons change when they will.



Nostalgia – Free verse

Where is home?

The place you stay in

Or the one you visit

Is it a loved one’s arms

Or a corner of their heart?

A bowl of mutton stew

With soft fluffy appams

The scent of jasmine

On a dewy monsoon morning

Squishy mangoes in summer

Angry ants in their leaf nests

Home is in the memories

The ones you turn into a poem

When you’re thirty and wonder

Where is it that I really fit in?




We covered up our feelings

Fried chicken and icecream

Chocolate fudge over heartache

Pretending tears are from the heat

Then I looked at you sitting there

Convincing me that it’s only for a few days

And I saw:

I wasn’t the only one you’re convincing.

An ode to Icecream – Wreathed Octave

An ode to Icecream

The silky velvet touch on your tongue

Taste-buds sung a song of pure ecstasy

So icy cold on your chapped lips that it stung-

A far-flung dip in the deepest corners of the sea


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You see the sides melt and trickle in the heat,

Its seat unstable in the cone’s shallow concave,

Frozen wave runs a shiver till the tips of your feet,

Oh sweet icecream, you make my senses crave!

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Hello dear readers,

This is a form of poetry called “wreathed octave”.

A wreath was inspired by the Welsh form “Englyn cryrch” which uses an internal rhyme (within the line itself) scheme with an external one (at the end of the line) as follows:

x x x x x x a

x a x x x x b

x b x x x x a

x a x x x x b

x b x x x x c

x c x x x x d

x d x x x x c

x c x x x x d


There is no set syllable count or form, just that the lines need to have an internal and external rhyme ( a sort of interconnected rhyme, I like to think) as shown above.

Summer has well and truly arrived here in India, and icecreams are definitely a solace 😀 Hope this inspires all of you to go get a cone!



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