Western Pullman


A shelf for your Western Pullman
Lovers in clear glass domes

Minimal furniture, comfortable beds
Bright curtains with light shining through

White walls and wide open spaces,
Our two little ones running around
Toys strewn in their coloured playroom,
Feet scampering, tumbling, fighting.

The smell of prawns cooked Kerala style
Wafting from a cosy warm kitchen
Smiles, laughter and little giggles
Just us two when they go down for the night.

This is the home that I dream of for us-
The one we will some day have.



Do you see me – Free verse

When you look at me, what do you see?

Dark circles, thin hair, crow’s feet

So many years, I spent searching endlessly

Time slipped through my fingers so quickly


When you look at me, what do you see

Are my eyes sad and full of longing?

It’s true, many days, my body controls me

My bones are tired, my mind is weary


When you look at me, here’s what you don’t see:

My heart beats red, flushing my pale cheeks

Innocence brims at my lashes, filling me completely

I dream of an eternal love I’m not scared to wait for

Yet I’m done chasing, I trust what God has in store

Ambition lights my spirit, my wish to succeed

The strength and ability to stand on my own feet


When you look at me, what do you see?

Don’t see what I am, see what I can be.


Dear Readers (if there are any of you still there),

It has been a very long hiatus from this blog for me, but it is my sincere wish to kick start it and get back to poetry. I miss this space so much and crave to write when inspiration strikes and more importantly, even when it doesn’t.

There have been so many changes in my life in this past year. I’ve always been guarded on this blog, but my poems have always been from an open heart and will continue to be so.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time.

Promise it won’t be next year 🙂

Kill convention – Ae freslighe

Darling, you kill convention

By your patience I’m humbled

My devoted companion:

You never let me stumble.

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Your love is my legacy,

Safety net when I’m falling

A weak hidden tendency,

Stay forever, my darling.

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Dear Readers,

Did that seem like a very simple little love poem? Oh, how looks can deceive! Here are the rules I followed to write this:

1. Each stanza has 4 lines (quatrain)

2. Each line has 7 syllables

3. A rhyme scheme of ABAB

4. The last word of the 1st & 3rd line of each stanza has 3 syllables

5. The last word of the 2nd & 4th line of each stanza has 2 syllables

6. The first word of the poem and the last word of the poem are the same.

Still seem like a simple poem? This one really had me racking my brain and I’m still not 100% happy with the end result!

This style of poem is an Old Irish style called Ae freshlighe. It goes as far back as the 5th century and was only carved onto trees or gravestones. So in order to remember them, Gaelic poetry came with a lot of repetitions, rhythm and alliteration. 

For more on Irish poetry and many other forms, please take a look at this wonderful resource for poets : Poet’s Garret. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from this fantastic site. 

Thank you for reading everyone and hope you liked Ae Freslighe!

Stupid cup – Luc Bat

Dear Readers,

Today we’re exploring a style of poetry called “Luc Bat“. It is an intriguing Vietnamese style which is made up of alternating six and eight syllable lines, with an interconnected rhyme scheme that goes like this:







This patterns repeats for the whole poem, and the length of the piece is not restricted. Hope you enjoy my humble attempt at this interesting style!

P.S: Luc Bat literally means six eight 🙂
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Stupid Cup

How do I wrap it up?

Pretty bow for this cup I bought,

Just the right type you sought,

To remind what you fought me for.

Now I’m out the door,

You didn’t touch my core at all,

Watched me trip hard and fall.

Framed pictures in the hall don’t say,

This story ends today,

Here’s your stupid cup, may it break.

As it unfolds – Acrostic

Hello dear readers, 

Wish you all a very happy weekend! I’ll be doing some travelling over the next few days.. but will definitely be trying my best to stick to 8 lines everyday! 

Now, so far, we have read a haiku,  a triolet, an ottava rima style and a diamante style poem. Today, I want to show you guys a simple poetry form called an acrostic

This is one of those types of poetry that is easier to show you by example, rather than to confuse you by explaining it 🙂

Ill give you guys an additional surprise once you’re done reading the poem !!
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As it unfolds

His heart had made no space for love- that was the honest truth

Until the day he realised, it was time to think things thru.

Surely, this was the girl he’d met, in his fanciful dreams,

Beauty that she emanates- in that light, the rest seem drab.

Approachable and lovable, she was his heaven-sent manna,

Nothing he’d ever felt before was even worth a mention.

Decisions were made for a lifetime, nothing was as planned-

Sometimes we’re just actors and our stories unfold in parts.
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That’s right! 🙂 In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line when read vertically, spells out a word

Now I promised you a surprise, right? Did you figure it out yet? 🙂

Check out the last letter of each line as well. This would be a double acrostic! Making even a semi-sensible poem with this structure was definitely not easy, let me tell you.

P.S:  I showed this poem to my husband, and he said that its only natural that I have husbands written on both sides of the poem, because husbands are always protecting their wives (words, here?) How cheesy but adorable !


The wrong concept of “the one”

They say there’s only one love for everyone,

We bend till we break to keep them, when we’re young.

Hurtful words, bitter tears – we endure them,

You think its worth it, and give it all- but get none.

Love isn’t magic, a soul mate or a perfect person,

It is patience, time, effort, respect and attention.

Words mean little, build your faith on actions,

Love is on its way- now stand still and let it come.


Photo courtesy: cecillefaye.deviantart.com

Dear readers,

Do you believe there is only person for everyone? Do you believe in soul mates?