Summer shades

Dip your toes in chilly waters

Watch them wrinkle, stark snow white

Relentless sun chars our tired brown faces

In the peak of summer, there’s no respite.

Sweat drips from every brow in the kitchen

A mighty effort for a meal so light

Icecream, the solace for us poor children

Add some mango for pure delight!

Our precious plants at the window wither

When will rains anoint their shriveled leaves?

Oh lets not think of monsoons in April,

Let the seasons change when they will.



Nostalgia – Free verse

Where is home?

The place you stay in

Or the one you visit

Is it a loved one’s arms

Or a corner of their heart?

A bowl of mutton stew

With soft fluffy appams

The scent of jasmine

On a dewy monsoon morning

Squishy mangoes in summer

Angry ants in their leaf nests

Home is in the memories

The ones you turn into a poem

When you’re thirty and wonder

Where is it that I really fit in?



View from my window – Shadormas

Magic wisps

Cotton ball gray clouds

Settle down

Coyly  lie

Build some drama with the breeze,

Such a dreadful tease.
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Hurry home

They seem to threaten

Grow darker

Bubble burst

Pitter patter like waves crash

Fall monsoon glory.
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Dear Readers,

This style of poetry is known as a Shadorma. It is of Spanish origin, made up of six-line stanzas with the syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5 for a total of 26 syllables. Here, I have written two correlated shadormas 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it and see you tomorrow!