A full moon- Long verse

The moon shines blue in the eerie night

Crickets croak in mellifluous delight

Pitter patter falls the rain on the window pane

A little boy watches it all: curious, wide-eyed

The moon radiates its bright white light

He jumps in puddles with all his might

Giggles at the mess he’s made of his dress

Could he be any naughtier, his tired mama sighs.

The moon hides behind a dark gray cloud

He’s busy with his friends, the football crowd

Joking, laughing, trying hard to fit in

He’s finding his feet, standing his ground.

The moon is a crescent with a star by its side

He’s enthralled by her beauty, his heart can’t deny

Legs turn to jelly, can’t say anything right

Why is love so awkward, he desperately cries.

The moon is a circle cut right in half

Making a name for himself, he’s working so hard:

He runs the rat race to bell the fat cats.

Meanwhile, his wife is his guiding North star:

They embark on a new journey they cautiously chart.

The moon shines blue this eerie night

Crickets croak in mellifluous delight

He holds his little son close to the window pane

And he watches, as his father did;

Curious, wide-eyed.



Dazzling dusk – Nocturna

Sugar drops melt into white stars,

Set in the fabric of black velvet sky.

Flicker brilliantly, these crystal shards

Whisper lullabies to fleeting clouds.

They spin across the misty horizon,

Guarding heaven’s gates, so proud

The moon dubious in her absence.

Dazzling dusk has just begun,

Waiting to lose her innocence.

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Dear Readers,

This style of poem is known as a Nocturna. It is a 9-line french style of poetry, based on the “night” theme, made up of the following rhyme scheme:

a b a c b c d b d 

In the olden days, it used to be recited in the form of prayers.

Hope you all enjoyed it and let me know what you think!

Moon- Cinquain + 3 lines



Mystic, transparent

Pulls seas to shore

Jealous of the Earth’s blue


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Gossipping stars in constellation

Provoke her isolated soul-

Fed up with the lonesome sky.

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Dear readers,

The first five lines you read was a cinquain!  A cinquain is written as follows:

1st line – 1 word title

2nd line– 2 describing words

3rd line – 3 word phrase giving more information about the subject

4th line– 4 words describing feelings related to the subject

5th line– 1 word synonym/ other reference of the 1st line 

Let me know what you think 🙂

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