The other side- Tanka x2

A dark storm raged on

Within a joyful facade

Who knows what comes next?


The driving force of this life

On the other side

There’s no more endless waiting

Life’s river flows calm

Goodness and light reign supreme

Peace eternal, till we meet.


Dear Readers,

Today’s poem is written in the Tanka style. The Tanka is a Japanese style of poetry, which has the following syllable count:

1st line : 5 syllables

2nd line: 7 syllables

3rd line: 5 syllables

4th line: 7 syllables

5th line: 7 syllables

What did you think of this style of poetry?

What do you think of this poem?

Let me know in the comments!

Till next time.


Promise me – Tanka x 2

Fear and longing spin

Into a loose cotton ball.

In hope, take refuge

There’s comfort in the unknown,

Let fate do the talking now.

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Sweet optimism,

Hold my disbelieving hand,

Walk me through shadows,

Carry my soul through this time

Keep your promise, I’ll keep mine.

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Dear Readers,

You just read two Tankas. Remember the Tanka style? I’ve written one before in conjunction with a haiku. See it here. Just to refresh your memory, a tanka is a Japanese style of poetry with 5 lines with a syllable count of 5-7-5-7-7.

This post has been in response to Heeding Haiku with HA prompt from Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie’s blog. The topic was Mid Year and the rules were as follows:

You must have expected something or you must have made plans when this year began. Now that it is coming to its middle point, how are your expectations and plans coming along? Once you have thought about it, write a haiku or tanka or a haibun and tell us how this year has been so far for you.

Hope you all enjoyed it and looking forward to attempting more challenges in the coming days!

Striped – Tanka + Haiku


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Striped fierce majesty

Elusive to prying eyes

Forest hides her skin

Mysterious tapestry

Shielded within its strong arms
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Creeps softly, with ease

Tigress weary for some peace

Rests her head gently
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Hello dear readers,

What you just read now is a tanka! A tanka is  a form of Japanese poetry. A close first cousin of the haiku, I’d like to think.

The difference between a tanka and a haiku is the number of lines and syllable count. A tanka is made up of 5 lines with a syllable pattern as follows:

1st line– 5 syllables

2nd line– 7 syllables

3rd line– 5 syllables

4th line– 7 syllables

5th line– 7 syllables

haiku, as you guys may already know, has three lines with a 5-7-5 arrangement of syllables. 

In order to keep up with my mission to write 8 lines a day, I have combined the tanka and haiku forms- the first 5 lines form the tanka, and the next 3 lines are the haiku.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

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